Some little things.

James started school. And he’s loving it. He’s noticeably happier. He’s now able to get into the car by himself. And get dressed. And put on his own shoes and socks. Most other things he still needs help with, but we’re working on improvement.

Sven will have his Public Access test soon. He’s totally ready. Minus the fact that he’s uncomfortable around other dogs, he is an absolute delight in public.

We’re figuring out our “groove” for homeschooling. And by that I mean, we’re finding out what totally doesn’t work for us, and realizing some things that do. And it looks like we’re going to be taking them out of the co-op that we’ve been involved in. Because, why keep them in something that none of us are enjoying and we have to pay for?

Logan got a scholarship to summer camp. I’m both excited for him to go, and so nervous about leaving him, for the first time, without any family around. He needs this though.

We’re settling. Finding peace. Learning how to live with where we are, and be content with it. And praying for improvement. Because, who doesn’t want things to get better?


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