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I struggle with my lack of confidence. It’s something that has plagued me for as long as I can remember. I avoid stepping out of my comfort zone, because I’m afraid I’m not going to be any good at what I want to do.

Sometimes, that means that when I make something, I don’t want to show others, because it’s not quite perfect in my eyes. Other times, it’s a skill that I’ve been working on and I’m afraid that someone may see me working on it and criticize, or think that I am not good at said skill.

As a caregiver, I often feel that I’m no good at this job.

As a mother, I feel like I’m so inadequate. I’m not that perfect mom you see on Pinterest.

As a dog sitter or dog walker, I fear that I won’t know how to handle an uncomfortable situation. Sometimes that means I don’t know how I’d react if two dogs get in a fight, and other times it may be as simple as telling someone “no” if I don’t think their dog is a good fit for my home.

When I sat with my therapist last, she asked me some of the negative self-talk that I do. She then asked me how I might change that self-talk to be more positive. It opened my eyes to the fact that I am so critical of myself, and if you keep telling yourself something, eventually you start to believe it. And BE it.

So, in addition to putting messages around the house to remind me to be positive, I’m going to add some here.

  • I care for others with patience, love, and kindness.
  • I am not alone.
  • I am appreciated.
  • All that I seek is already within me.

Some of these affirmations come from caregiver affirmations, and others come from Louise Hay.

And finally, as I have seen my friend Lauren at Living Each Day By Grace say, I am striving for Progress, not perfection.


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