Making changes

We have met with a contractor and an architect to get this house adapted for James. We are currently waiting for the bids from the contractor, to find out how much it’s going to cost to do what we want to do with the house.

We also started working with a trainer for Sven, and he’s making such good progress! We’ve got him learning “heel”, which he’s doing quite well. He’s learned to walk backwards (which will be useful for going through doors), he is working on lying down when we are somewhere. We are currently working on getting him to take things, grab a ball, bring things to us, pull (tug-of-war) and not being afraid of elevators and public restrooms.

I am super preoccupied right now, trying to get the house set up as much as I can before we pack things up to do the remodel. Plus, I’ve been dog sitting and dog walking to earn the money to pay for Sven’s training. But, I don’t particularly enjoy walking the dogs in the weather we usually have, and I won’t be able to have dogs over when the remodeling happens, so that will complicate things.

A couple things I’m looking at to occupy my time are to work with our church’s health outreach, to educate caregivers on car seat safety. I’ve been a CPST for 4 years now, and it’s something that I love to do! I also would love to start a service that gets meals to disabled people and their caregivers, as well as teach people that are in a time deficit, like single parents and caregivers, how to prepare easy, nutritious, quality foods.


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