We bought a house!

We did it! We finally bought a house! I really didn’t want to move. In fact, WE really didn’t want to move, but especially me. I knew going into this that it would be like swallowing the biggest pill of my life–we were going to have to pack and move all our things, with me doing the vast majority of the work. And it has been so hard, so exhausting, frustrating, and exciting all at the same time.

As of today, all of our stuff is at the new house. We got some closet systems from Ikea for our closets, luckily the boys already have most of what they need to get by.

Also. Something huge happened yesterday. James finally got to see our bathroom! Not only that, he got to use his own toilet! And, because of the floorplan of our bathroom, tomorrow when his new shower chair arrives, he is going to get to take a shower! In his OWN bathroom! I guess that means I need to get in there and put his handheld shower up, to make that better for him. But, he is finally going to be able to shower at home. Safely.

In a couple weeks, a contractor and the VA rep are going to walk through the house and figure out what we need done/they are going to do. At that time, we will figure out what we need for our bathroom to allow James more independence (he still needs a lot of help) and to get in and out of the house by himself. Hopefully, everything goes smoothly.


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