I’m Sarah, a cultural Mormon, convert Episcopalian, wife to James, mom to Logan and Luke, Texas transplant. I moved to Texas in 2013, spent the next 3 years going to school, then 3 classes short of my degree I decided I was done with college for now.

I will be sharing our struggles, successes, and it is my hope that you’ll be inspired by our “make it work” attitude that gets us through each day. We homeschool our boys, because that works best for us right now, and we’ll eventually figure out how to grow a vegetable garden in Texas and raise as much of our own food as possible.

I love dabbling in different crafts. I’m also more than a little hippy, so I plan to share as I figure out what works for me with my skincare, sun protection, and our diets.

My family and our health is number 1 for me, so it is critical that what we put in our bodies and what we put on our bodies are going to contribute to health rather than disease. However, Financial Peace is also important to us, and as such, we have to maintain physical health while also maintaining financial health, and living a debt-free lifestyle.


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